Hey there,

I’m Katie, the creator of Panda Toes. In Chinese, I go by 王维伦. I studied Chinese for years without making much progress. I took classes, read the textbook, did my homework. I even spent two summers abroad in Harbin. The end result? I got good grades, but felt totally unprepared to use Chinese in real life. Write an email without agonizing over it for hours? No way. Understand a movie in Chinese? Not really. Read 100% of the menu at a Chinese restaurant? Nope, not that either.

This all changed after I committed to a year of full time, intensive language training, moved to Beijing, and began creating a practical system for learning Chinese. In a little over a year, I went from struggling to understand the real estate agent when renting an apartment to nailing a job interview in Chinese.

Feel like you’ve spent so much time trying to learn Chinese but aren’t getting anywhere? Let me share how I did it with you.